Building on existing or developing new resources is critical to stabilization of trauma. There are a number of different types of resources one can and needs to call on when dealing with symptoms of trauma that address physical, practical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well being.

  • Practical – food, shelter, clothing, job, locks on door, watchdog. Get safe!
  • Physical – strength, endurance, agility, activity – anything that gives feeling of strength, confidence, or peace will help contribute to an embodied experience of being able to protect one’s self. Running, boxing, model mugging programs are great physical activities that build on a sense of physical confidence.
  • Psychological – Calling on important psychological skills and abilities are essential. Intelligence (for insight), sense of humor, curiosity, other healthy defenses are important to draw on and may need shoring up after a traumatic event.
  • Interpersonal – calling on social support engagement rather than isolating is one of the key elements of mitigating trauma symptoms after a traumatic event. This can include people in your life and animals. Everyone needs comfort. You are not alone. Call someone now.
  • Spiritual – One often loses their faith at times of crisis and when it’s needed most.  Calling on spiritual strength can be faith or non-faith based and include things like being in nature or reading wisdom literature. If you’ve lost your faith, books such as When Bad Things Happen to Good People can help.