Help is available to reduce the symptoms of trauma, improve nervous system and emotional regulation, and return to pleasurable activities and living life rather than managing symptoms.

Working with a trauma trained therapist using evidence-based CBT, somatic or other practices can address important elements of healing symptoms, including:

  • sensory-motor integration (riding out the bodily sensations of intense emotions such as fear and anger);
  • slowing things down and putting on the brakes to stay within the window of tolerance to allow the ability of integration of difficult memories and experiences without dissociation or numbing;
  • cognitive restructuring of erroneous perceptions and beliefs resulting from the trauma;
  • healthy activation of the flight/fight protective response which has been shown to mitigate trauma symptoms;
  • reclaiming one’s personal power and developing assertiveness and healthy boundaries;
  • processing and integrating painful memories and experiences
  • building on resources and strengths.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of trauma, contact Dr. Valerie Sher at 408-507-4329 for a free consultation and get help now.