Coyote Exchange on Rt. 84, 10 am

Coyote came suddenly, across the road
I was meandering along, to feel my feet
On the earth, meet a friend, and through nature, recharge and unload.
When four feet before me, he crossed in my path
He stopped on the bank. I stopped in the street.
I became acutely aware, of the magnificent animalness
Something unexpected and hidden, seen in the light of the morn
Causing me to notice, take you in, forget my urbaness
In a moment of awe, Presence was born.

I turned and I looked, and you looked back at me
A long drawn out moment that seemed forever, meaning so much.
Auspicious, numinous, a feel in the air
Of magic, delight, excitement and such.

Aware of my interest and sharing your own
I asked you, “Coyote, How are we in relation? What do we see?
What do we know in this great unknown?
Who are you to me? What faces we share?.”
You walk between worlds of chaos, illusions, and snares
Of darkness, and sorcery, lightness and play
A paradoxical dance inviting me into your ways.

Your wisdom comes in shadows
Indirect, speaking puzzles, perhaps saving face
You beg for simplicity, no complications, leaving no trace.

What magic was there on the road, when we crossed
And you asked me to dance?
Or I stopped and I noticed and you took a chance.

Coyote Reflections

In what ways are you experiencing the unexpected?  What might this be inviting you to experience? How is this challenging or delighting you?

Coyote is a symbol of wisdom and folly. What is the wisdom your life experiences are trying to convey to you now and how can you bring a sense of humor to what you are learning/needing to learn.

How can you simplify and make things less complicated. How are you doing that?

How are you experiencing play or do you need to have more fun? What do you think of when you think of the word “folly”.


Coyote Spirit Animal