The Relationship Corner

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This group is aimed at creating and building a community for singles and couples to playfully, and mindfully connect, explore, dialogue, and embody different aspects of relationship and intimacy.

If you want to explore blocks, patterns, resolve old wounds and practice intimacy building, improve connection, magnetize your desire and elevate your radiance, this group is for you.

In a safe, embodied group, come discover all of who you are in relationship and how to express it in positive and rewarding ways.

Participants are invited to bring their full selves to build their vulnerability muscle, improve communication, discover themes and patterns in their lives, identify raw spots that show up in tender interactions with partners and family, be seen and celebrated, and grow and expand in new and exciting ways.

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This group meets monthly (generally the 3rd Wednesday of the month) from 7:30-9:30 at the Subud Center, 330 Melville Pl., Palo Alto on the second floor.

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