Communication Skills

Communication Skills

As an Educator in Communication Skills for Couples for Kaiser Permanente, a student and practitioner of Non-Violent Communications, AND a Program manager managing teams across functions, companies, and countries, Valerie has developed a comprehensive understanding of communication styles from a variety of lenses.

She brings a wealth of tools to help understand different communication styles in order to communicate more effectively, learn how to listen with the goal of understanding, identifying what’s under the iceberg (not known or directly expressed), clarify needs and expectations, explore assumptions, and better express one’s self to feel heard and understood.

Active listening skills and  identifying listening blocks can provide basic building blocks to help deeper communication and more intimate, safe sharing in relationship.

While relationships often require a tops down (communication skills) and bottoms up (depth oriented look at underlying thoughts and feelings), many of us lack good communication skills that can support an environment of safety, compassion, and care for the other.


Amp up your Relationship Communication Game!


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