Corona Virus Blues

I’ve used poetry, songwriting, art and movement to express myself and make sense of the world since I was an angst ridden teenager. My use of the arts both personally and in my work with clients shows the power of personal expression and sublimation of difficult experiences.

Listen to my Song on the Corona Virus Blues here:


Create Your Own Corona Virus Blues Song

Download or play the music below to create your own version and post on my YouTube channel at or on your own Facebook page.

You may need to play the track from the computer hooked up to a stereo system and then video tape you singing your own song from your phone or other video recording device.

There are two versions, one a more upbeat guitar track in A, and another slower, more soulful version in Am. Email me at for more information, help in downloading and creating your own expression, or to get creative expression coaching or personal counseling to help deal with your experience.

Blues Guitar Track in A by Steven Walters (Intro, 6 verses, tag out, can leave one verse out for solo or write six verses!)

Blues Guitar Track in Am by Steven Walters (Intro, 4th verse solo, tag out)