Support for Separation or Divorce

Therapy/Coaching and Support During or Following Separation or Divorce


Sometimes people come to therapy to determine if they should stay together. Often one person may be leaning out while it pulls the other to lean in and fight for the relationship. This can be a challenging experience for all and Discernment Counseling is an option that can help partners get clarity about their commitment and willingness to work on the relationship.

Once a decision is made to separate or divorce, navigating separation and endings and recreating a relationship (possibly based on the need for coparenting or other factors) can be challenging. Regardless of the circumstances, endings and transitions in relationships can include a complexity of feelings, thoughts, and processes including assessing and getting perspective on the relationship, managing feelings, negotiating separation agreements, division of assets, coparenting, and more.

Two Areas of Specialty:

21 Day Naked Divorce Emotional Freedom Program – A powerful program to help people move on from separation/divorce consciously. For more information, click here.

CoParenting counseling can help minimize the impact on children and supporting the best transition for them as possible after the loss and grief of separation. Support during this time, especially for high conflict couples or situations that involve betrayal or hurt, can help manage feelings, identify needs, and navigate the delicate task of coparenting. Paths to Wellness provides care and support through all phases of discernment and separation.