Clinical Therapist, (PSB94022118)

Dr. Michael Nagy completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University. He began his career working in the tech sector, and then shifted into public school administration in low-income communities.  After several years as a teacher and administrator, Dr. Nagy decided to return to school to gain a doctorate in clinical psychology so that he could more directly help individuals and families navigate the difficulties and ambiguities of life.

Dr. Nagy’s clinical focuses include working with children and families, adolescents, teens and young adults, as well as general transitional periods or life events. While “transitional periods” can occur at any time in life, some of the more frequent waypoints are:

  • Adolescence and the development of identity, a la “coming of age”
  • Family/partner communication breakdowns
  • Trauma, recovery, and reintegration
  • Teens – figuring out who you are and who you want to be
  • LGBTQQAI2S/GSM related identity exploration
  • Young Adults – life after high school or college
  • Career/Life Focus Shift
  • Existential Exploration

In addition to the transitional periods and major life events listed above, Dr. Nagy works with individuals and families on issues related:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder – helping individuals and/or families navigate the challenges of communication, social integration, and managed expectations.
  • Disability related issues

Dr. Nagy also provides comprehensive psychological assessment batteries to aid in diagnosing, treatment, and obtainment of essential services.

Dr. Michael Nagy, PSB94022118 is registered Psychological Assistant supervised by Dr. Valerie Sher, PSY23292.